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Choosing Rinaldi Physical Therapy

What Makes Us Not Only Different, But Preferred?

Good question. Let me be concise.

  • One to one care, by someone who knows what he's doing and gets results.
  • A friendly staff: you don't get 'put off' by our front desk staff.
  • Easy to get-along with professionals.
  • Results.
  • A No-B.S. approach to health care; your problems aren't conveniently explained by "you have arthritis", "you need to lose weight", "you're gonna have to learn to live with it". We inspire encouragement and hope when it's realistic--but not an enabling attitude if you like to feel sorry for yourself.
  • You get true, hands-on care from a seasoned professional...not put in a corner to do your exercises or a sheet of exercises to do on our equipment.
  • If I can sum it up simply, the reason you SHOULD choose Rinaldi Physical Therapy is ONLY if you want:

Treament that Works by People Who Care.

I generally tell people that have reservations about trying us--even if they've tried therapy, shots, or chiropractic before--that I should be able to improve their condition within 2 or 3 visits.  If I can, great--they're in the right place.  If I can't, however, I'm either missing something or it's just not going to work without some other input. 

I think that's fair, and that's how I would want to be treated: honestly and competently. 

After over 20 years of doing what I do: I'm not guessing at it!