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"When I arrived for physical therapy I was in tears from excrutiating pain. I could not sit or drive without extreme difficulty. I was unable to go to work at my job. The compassion and treatment I received was exemplary. The office staff was always kind, courteous, and treated me as a human being instead of Patient #235. My therapist, Shingo, was patient with me and has worked miracles in my life along with Mike. I am pain free! I am back to work! I can drive! Thank you a thousand times over." --Millie L.

"The experience was over all excellent. Since, each time I had therapy I felt improvement. I'm glad I chose to attend physical therapy with you and I would DEFINITELY refer others. All of the employees were very helpful with any questions I had and were always welcoming each time I came for therapy. From the front desk to the therapist everyone was wonderful!!" --Shari V.

"My son, Michael, was suffering from severe headaches. Nothing was discovered medically and I, as well as Michael, was frustrated. Our family doctor referred us to physical therapy. At first I was skeptical because he has been suffering for so long. After Michael's first visit, he left the office without a headache. The next morning Michael woke me up to say this was the first morning he didn't have a headache. I was so happy. They worked with Michael to show him how to handle his headaches and different types of exercises. I will be forever thankful." --Karen R.

"The little exercises did a lot. The service is really prompt. And he tells you what he is doing as he goes. It's worth the trip." --Eric B.

"Before coming to physical therapy, my doctor had tried many different treatments to relieve my discomfort, but none seemed to keep the pain away for more than a few days. After my 1st appointment, I had a better understanding of the problem and was able to tell an immediate difference...

Following each treatment there was less and less pain and the discomfort stayed away for longer periods of time. Currently, I am pain free thanks to the knowledgeable staff at Rinaldi Physical Therapy. I would definitely recommend them to others and I plan to come back if I have future problems." --Tiffany K.

"After suffering with pain (in the neck and shoulders) for about 5 years, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck and recommended physical therapy. For the past 7 months I have been treated for this problem and can honestly say that I am now without pain. What a difference in my every day life to be without the pain! There's no other place that I would've been as comfortable going to what a great experience – Thank you!"-- Julie B.

"I was in constant pain before I came to Rinaldi Physical Therapy. After each treatment I can feel some improvement. I am now so much better. I have very little pain. I thank god Dr. Lanier sent me here." --Thelma S.

"After being in other therapy programs the past 2 years and not seeing much progress, my family physician made the wise decision to send me to Rinaldi Physical Therapy. Both the physical therapy exercises along with the massage therapy has been a big plus for me. All of the staff are also top notch, very caring and patient, and the patient's needs are always first and foremost. Every patient's individual needs are handled one on one in a very professional manner. Great place! Great people! Great care!" ---Carolyn D.

"You guys were great. Not only did I get back to 100%, but also you guys cared about me as a person. For that I say thank you millions!!" --Nicholas S.