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Back Pain Treatments

Back Pain is a part of life... Living with it is optional!

Without a doubt, low back pain is the most challenging problem for most doctors and clinicians.

When assessing a patient with low back pain (LBP) we need to determine first:

  • Does it respond to movement or posture/position changes? If so, then it is collectively sub-grouped as "mechanical". Most mechanical problems can be helped by PT. (To read more about sub-grouping of back pain, follow this link)

The next thing we need to figure out is:

  • What turns on or worsens the symptoms, then
  • What turns them off or makes them better.

Then we need to see:

  • Can we make them improve with change of position, movement, or exercise on the first visit? If so,
  • Can the patient get the same or comparable effect by our instruction, between the first and second visit at home on their own?

"I had terrible back pains for a few months. When I visited Rinaldi Physical Therapy, my first visit we worked on my back and by the time I left I was already feeling better. After a few days I was feeling better than ever. Thank you!" -Kelly M.

If the above scenario does play out, then we can likely help someone with back pain.

Usually one or two exercises plus some postural supportand strategies for tackling your activities of daily living (ADLs) are where treatment starts for back pain. Manual therapy such as joint mobilization or manipulation is pretty routine in our clinic and is used as an adjunct only.
Manipulation is often thought to be a "one-shot fix". It generally doesn't work that way, however. As a matter of fact, it only "fixes" people in one or two treatments in a very small percentage of cases. Manipulation is useful however, to help accelerate progress by restoring movement and reducing pain quicker, but if you receive manipulation, it must be accompanied by good postural control and corrective exercise in the majority of cases.

As treatment progresses, there may be the need for some restorative strengthening exercise.

In the other cases of back pain treatment traction, individually-tailored stabilization exercises, and manipulation are usual and indicated treatments that have proven to work reliably.

For treatment to work though, the patient must be cooperative, be compliant, and be communicative (the three C's to success). Without these, the chance of meaningful and lasting improvement reduces substantially.

"My lower back pain was so bad that I could not do every day activities. Since coming here I not only can do those activities but I have also learned how to manage the pain and make it go away completely. I am so thankful for you guys." -Robin C.

Back pain is a tough problem to deal with and you should NOT try treating it by some method that you see on TV, read in a magazine or on the internet, or hear from friend. Would you attempt to treat your own cancer, diabetes, or heart condition that way?

Back pain is complicated enough that it needs individual attention from someone who knows how to properly evaluate it and prescribe the right treatment.