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Headaches & Migraines

Attention: Headache Sufferers!

If You Avoid Certain Foods or Beverages out of Fear of Migraines, You May Be Fooling Yourself!

Most people don't know that the vast majority of headaches and migraines of all types stem from problems in your neck not the foods you eat and they can be helped, or in many cases, stopped with our approach.

This isn't chiropractic and there are no gimmicks or equipment involved.

This isn't the kind of therapy that delegates your care to machines, and you won't be seen for three times a weeks for a year without seeing a result.

"I have experienced migraines for 20 years (approx.). Whenever I drank wine, beer, etc., I could expect to have a headache the next day. Even if I only had one drink. Since coming to Rinaldi's clinic I have been headache free. I recently went on vacation & drank a couple drinks everyday for 15 days. And no headaches“ Lynda B.

Lets face it, the pain these problems come with is sometimes severe. Therefore, you need individualized, personal and attentive care the only kind of care that your headaches require in order to have success because nearly every person is different as is their headache presentation.

Our approach involves diligence and effort, so if you're careless, lazy, or impatient--- this is not for you. Though it is focused, it's remarkably simple, easy to apply, and can be dramatically effective.

How effective? Well, in three years, and over 30 cases, there may have been only 3 valid cases that we couldn't substantially help. I define substantially as having improved their headaches by at least 50%. And valid as whereby patients followed directions, complied, and were cooperative.

Only three of over 30. That's it. The rest did wonderful.

Our goal is to get you to the point where you no longer need to use your pills or shots or you have to use them much, much less.

"After having one of the worst migraines (w/dry heaves) after only two days of treatment I am a true believer in this treatment. Meds all night, severe pain, throwing up, pressure in head and neck to the max. After this session I have not felt this pain free in 30 years w/other Drs. Please give yourself this chance he has done wonders for me already. Thanks Michael, you are a gift from God." -Char B.

If you don't see a change within a few weeks, we aren't the solution and you don't come back.
Don't be fooled by false data found in magazines and on the internet. But don't take our word for it.

"I have suffered with migraines for 25+ years and neck problems for the last year. I came to Rinaldi to address the tightness in my neck. I was extremely skeptical when they said they could teach me to get rid of my migraines without drugs. I have been a patient of Rinaldi for the last 2 months and it is miracle because I used the techniques taught to me in the last week and successfully shut-down 2 migraines (w/out drugs). I would like to thank them for giving me hope in preventing migraines in the future. The techniques are easy to do and worth every appointment. I am no longer a skeptic but rather a true believer“ Alice C.

Call us to get your headaches handled...and get ready to eat chocolate and drink wine again.

Stop suffering with pain that you simply no longer need. A better way exists and something CAN be done to help you get better... without drugs, shots, or other failed treatments!