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Michael Received Certification in Dry Needling

In 2012-13 Michael completed nearly 60 hours of training and passed a 3-hour, 200+ question exam and a practicum demonstrating safety and competence in performing dry needling.

He was awarded Certification in Dry Needling by the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy.

Dry needling involves the use of skillfully placing an acupuncture needle into an area of musculoskeletal tissue impairment. It is NOT traditional acupuncture, which is a common treatment within the realm of Chinese medicine that involves balancing or otherwise moving one’s “chi” or life force/energy along specific energetic pathways.

Dry needling is useful for alleviating pain, restoring mobility and enhancing recovery, and can accomplish in a single session what may otherwise take several treatment sessions to achieve.

In over two decades of providing physical therapy, I can’t recall anything more useful, quicker, or effective at alleviating certain problems than dry needling. Not only do I use it in the clinic…but I use it on myself when needed.

I use continuing education as my ‘Research & Development’. What I study and invest in MUST produce results. By far, this has been a supremely worthwhile investment”.

~ Michael Rinaldi

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