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Neck Pain

There's a reason for the old adage, 'pain in the neck'.

Neck pain is one of the most common things we see here at Rinaldi PT. It ranks up there with back and shoulder pain. The reason is that it is very common amongst North Americans, and most industrialized nations as well because of habits & routines (i.e. lifestyle).

Though there are various expressions neck pain symptoms, most incidents of neck pain are usually the result of either one of a few ways:

  • a definite injury, such as a car accident, sleeping crooked, football injury, etc., or
  • gradual accumulative strain due to repetitive work or sustained postural habits, or
  • degenerative arthritis.

There can be others, naturally, however the bulk that we see occur via one of the above pathways.

It can linger for a long time because people, being people, tend to put off what isn't "killing them" and just put up with the nuisance of a stiff or achy neck, until one day when they can't turn their head or they have severe headaches, disturbed sleep, or pain or numbness shooting down the arm.

Then the nuisance has become a problem.

That's where we come in.

"I was skeptical if anything could be done about my neck, but my doctor and a friend who came here both said he could help. Within a few sessions I was feeling quite a bit better...actually I was shocked that I could feel that much better that quick. Now I'm doing all the things I want and know how to manage from here on. I see him only for a 'tune up' or just to say hello. I'm grateful for their help -Karen T.

If there are any "secrets" to treating neck pain it lies in really three areas:

  1. You must control the position of your head/neck while you sleep and sit
  2. You must be doing proper exercises activity modification to reverse the effects of your poor habits and routines
  3. You need some guidance on how to manage the problem yourself.

At Rinaldi Physical Therapy we'll make sure you have the right sleep and sitting postural correction strategies to limit the amount of discomfort that accumulates from these two activities.

And don't be fooled thinking that because you are "just sitting" or lying down that it can't be a negative thing on your neck.

It can...and it most cases it is a huge reason patients have neck pain. As a matter of fact the sleep position is often 50% or more of the reason a patient has persistent neck pain. And if you've got one of those foam contour pillows and think that's the solution...think again. Often times they are inappropriate for people with neck pain. Yeah, that's right.

While they seem like a good idea, ask yourself how one pillow can be good for everybody's neck.

It can't. And it usually isn't. We have a better solution for you. Call us today.